Mayoral candidate George Smitherman's appeal seems to have been limited to downtown residents. ((CBC))

A breakdown of votes cast in Monday's municipal election shows Toronto is divided in its preference for mayor almost exactly along pre-amalgamation lines.

The City of Toronto on Thursday released the official results of the vote. They show that Rob Ford dominated the vote for mayor in all areas of the inner suburbs, whereas rival George Smitherman was king of the downtown core.

Ford was the victor in all six Etobicoke wards, all six wards in the old City of York, all six wards in North York and all eight Scarborough wards.

There were no wards in the old cities of York, Etobicoke and Scarborough where a combination of votes for Smitherman and Joe Pantalone would have been enough to beat Ford.

Smitherman's support was exclusively in the Old City of Toronto and East York where he won 13 of 16 wards.  His support was especially strong in the downtown core.

The three downtown wards he didn't win were:

  • Ward 31 (Beaches-East York), where incumbent Coun. Janet Davis was re-elected.
  • Ward 17 (Davenport), where incumbent Coun. Cesar Palacio was re-elected.
  • Ward 15 (Eglinton-Lawrence), where Josh Colle was elected councillor.

Pantalone finished in third place in all but one ward. In Ward 19 — where he was the outgoing councillor — he placed second in the mayoral race. 

The six former municipal governments that make up the current city of Toronto were amalgamated into one "megacity" in 1998.