A man slain in Toronto last week was stabbed by another man who had been involved in a minor traffic collision with the same victim two days before, police say.

Toronto police Det. Kate Beveridge told reporters Tuesday that a collision occurred a week ago at Mount Pleasant Road and Roehampton Avenue, which involved a red and white scooter and a Ford pickup truck.

Beveridge said the man on the scooter, Anthony Koko Chang, received minor, "soft-tissue injuries" in the collision, which occurred at 12:20 p.m. on Sept. 10.

Mount Pleasant Road and Roehampton Avenue intersection

Toronto police say a collision involving the victim and the accused occurred at Mount Pleasant Road and Roehampton Avenue on Sept. 10, 2013. (Google Street View)

The two parties agreed to settle the damage without involving insurance companies.

"Everybody went on their way," said Beveridge during a Tuesday afternoon news conference.

The pickup truck was driven by Kimnarine Keshan Maharaj, 24, and had a logo on the side for the Mount Pleasant Group of Cemeteries. Maharaj never reported the collision to company, Beveridge said.

But Beveridge said he "continued to have contact" with Chang.

Beveridge said it is believed that Maharaj was at fault in the collision with Chang.

"They had agreed to settle it away from the insurance claim and that the accused had said that he would pay for the damage to Mr. Chang’s vehicle and that damage was slightly over $1,000," she said.

Victim stabbed multiple times

Two days after the collision, the 62-year-old Chang was dead after being stabbed "multiple" times at his home on Francine Drive, near Leslie Street and Steeles Avenue East.

Police found him suffering from stab wounds on the front steps of his home.

Beveridge said it is believed that Maharaj went to Chang’s home last Thursday morning "to have a conversation in relation to the damage to his vehicle."

The detective said that "this encounter escalated and concluded in the violent death" of Chang.

Police believe that Chang was screaming, perhaps for help, during the incident.

Beveridge said Maharaj was arrested on Monday.

"We had requested to speak with him and it was during that time that further evidence came to light and as result, while in our company, we arrested him," she said.

Witnesses sought

Police are asking for the public’s help in learning more about the collision at Mount Pleasant Road and Roehampton Avenue, as well as the incident that unfolded at Chang’s home on the morning of his death.

The day that Chang was killed, the accused is believed to have been driving a blue, 2002 Chevrolet Venture minivan in the area bounded by Don Mills Road, McNicoll Avenue, Leslie Street and Steeles Avenue East. The vehicle had an Ontario licence plate that reads BEZF 970.

"This vehicle will have been driven in the area, as well as been parked for a period of time," Beveridge said, noting that police are seeking any relevant video that may have been recorded that day.

Police also believe that people who were in the area near A.Y. Jackson Secondary School on the morning of Sept. 12, may have information that is useful to investigators.

Beveridge said Chang was a devout Buddhist and worked as a self-employed interpreter with immigration services at the airport.

"He was a family man and wanted to do the right thing and help people, as was the case in this incident. This time, it cost him his life," said Beveridge.

Anyone with information is asked to contact investigators at 416-808-7400, or to call Crime Stoppers at 416-222-8477.