The victim of a random act of violence last fall that left him severe injuries, is speaking out to CBC News after months of ongoing recovery.

On Nov. 19, Lee DaCosta was giving his girlfriend, Allie Chapman, a piggy-back ride back to their hotel after they'd celebrated her 25th birthday.

When the pair fell over, a man walking towards them saw them on the ground and assumed that DaCosta was hurting Chapman and began beating him sending him to the hospital with serious, life-threatening injuries.

"I didn't see them coming. She didn't see them coming," he told the CBC's Icy Cuervo today, months after his ordeal.

Police say that the man kicked DaCosta in the head, full force.

"I fell off him and we were both on the ground and he tried to pick me up. I don't know if they took that the wrong way," Chapman said.

She said she tried to explain to the man that DaCosta was not hurting her but he would not listen.

"The other guys were apologizing for him, saying 'oh my friend is really drunk,' but they weren't doing anything [to stop him]."

'I just want him to have his day in court.' - Lee DaCosta

There was a huge crowd outside at the time following a soccer match between Brazil and Chile at the Rogers Centre and yet no one intervened.

DaCosta was very badly beaten, suffering immense injuries and various operations — including one to reconnect his sinus cavities and reconstruct his jaw.

"I had spinal fluid leaking through my nose for a good month," he said. "It's just as gross as it sounds, My eye was hanging out of my face."

DaCosta also suffered brain damage and has been in and out of hospitals since the incident.

His mother said many of the effects are still present.

"Being a foodie, he has no taste. He lost hearing for a certain period of time and they don't know if that will come back fully," she said.

Police are still searching for the man wanted for aggravated assault. He is believed to be from Montreal and of South American descent.

"I just want him to have his day in court. I just want him to know how many people he has affected from that split moment," she said.