The TTC driver who was fired after running a red light on Eglinton Avenue and narrowly missing a pedestrian in the process, deserves a second chance, the union said today.

On July 21, a TTC bus was recorded on video running a red at the intersection of Eglinton Avenue and Ionview Road. Within hours, the video was posted online.

The TTC investigated and a spokesman reported yesterday that the driver was "no longer with" the organization.

On Tuesday, Bob Kinnear, the president of ATU Local 113, released a statement calling on the TTC to give the driver a "compassionate penalty," rather than forcing her to look for a new job.

"We believe that most people, if they knew the full circumstances of the incident would be willing to give this single mother of two a second chance, if not as a vehicle operator then in a non-vehicle job at the TTC," Kinnear said.

"The Operator wishes to remain anonymous because she is deeply embarrassed by her error and also because she has two children she does not want to burden any more than has already happened because she lost her job. We hope the TTC will reconsider."

The union said the driver had been fired on Monday.

It released a copy of a letter that the driver had written to management about the incident, which the union noted had "no effect."

In the letter, the driver admits to "an unacceptable lack of judgment" on her part, also saying that she is willing to accept whatever penalty the TTC decides upon.

The union says that the letter was given to management before the employee was interviewed and subsequently fired.