Uber Canada nixed its Instant UberEats service Monday to the surprise of its lunchtime users.

The ride-hailing service quietly canned the option that offered a short list of menu items every day to be delivered in 10 minutes.

The resource centre for Uber drivers simply states that "Instant UberEats is no longer a service in Toronto."

Consumers were confused by the sudden demise of the instant delivery option. Uber responded to queries on Twitter, saying it will "focus on bringing you the widest selection of meals as fast as possible."

Instant delivery was shutdown in New York earlier this year and in other U.S. cities in recent weeks.

The UberEats delivery platform, which allows users to order from a participating restaurant's regular menu, will continue to operate in Toronto and Mississauga. It arrived in Toronto in May last year and Uber introduced the service in Mississauga in July.