An Uber driver has been charged with sexually assaulting one of his passengers north of Toronto, say York Regional Police. 

According to York Regional Police, three women took an Uber ride from a downtown Toronto nightclub to Vaughan in the early morning hours of May 17.

The Uber driver dropped two of the three women off at their respective homes without incident. As he was approaching the destination for the last woman, he told her she needed to pay in cash or "by other means," alluding to sexual favours, police said.

Uber rides are paid solely by credit card.

The woman asked the driver to stop and let her out, but after the woman got out the driver exited the car and sexually assaulted her, police said.

A 25-year-old Mississauga man was charged with sexual assault.

In a statement issued Wednesday afternoon, Uber spokeswoman Susie Heath said, "This is a disturbing incident, and upon hearing of these reports, we immediately removed the driver in question from the Uber platform. We have been in touch with York Regional Police and will continue to assist in any way we can."