Twitter makes light of dark Toronto Passover

A power outage dimmed the lights on Seder dinners across the city Tuesday, prompting many Jews to joke about the situation on Twitter.

'Someone took the plague of darkness thing too far'

This photo shows a seder table illuminated only by candlelight during Toronto's power outage last night. (Twitter: rachel_lehman)

Much of west Toronto went dark Tuesday night as a power outage hit a large swath of the city.

Though the outage lasted only 90 minutes its timing, just after 9 p.m., interrupted the Seder dinners of Jews celebrating Passover.

As the lights went down, Twitter lit up with quips from the candle-lit dinner table.

CBC arts reporter Eli Glasner was among the first to chime in.

Others took the moment to reference scripture.

Many chose to snap available-light pictures of their Seder dinner table.

Most took the situation in stride.

Others pointed out it was only months ago that many in Toronto had their Christmas holiday interrupted by December's ice storm, which left thousands in the dark and cold during the holidays.

Others made a connection between the outage and a return of winter that happened earlier in the day, bringing a few unwelcome centimetres of snow on the city.