TTC probes video of 'abandoned' bus

A transit user has posted a video online that appears to show the aftermath aboard a bus after a TTC driver allegedly abandoned the bus and left passengers stranded on Tuesday.

Video uploaded online Tuesday shows bus was left unattended for nearly 30 minutes

A transit user posted a video online that appears to show the aftermath aboard a TTC bus after the driver allegedly 'abandoned' the bus and left passengers stranded on Tuesday afternoon.

Victor Bulario posted the video to his YouTube account shortly after the incident occurred on the 32 Eglinton West route, near Eglinton Avenue West and Trethewey Drive.

Bulario can be heard saying in the video that bus driver left the bus because he had to go home at 1:30 p.m. ET. He then shows his watch, which indicates that he began shooting the video shortly before about 1:50 p.m.

"He didn't communicate anything to us. He didn't tell us anything. We would have been satisfied with that," Bulario told CBC News.

"He just disembarked, carried on with his own way and we were left stranded."

Bulario says that he called the TTC to inform them of the situation while it was ongoing, but didn't hear back. 

Brad Ross, head of communications for TTC, told CBC News that management was made aware of the incident Tuesday afternoon after Bulario tweeted a link to his uploaded video. 

"The policy and the protocol is that an operator who is being relieved, for a break or at the end of shift, that that operator wait for a relief operator to take control of the bus. The protocol does not allow an operator to leave that bus whether it has customers on it or not," said Ross.

"We are now undertaking a review to understand what happened, why it happened, and what the circumstances around this incident were, so we can deal with it appropriately."

Other passengers in the video can be seen sitting on the unattended bus as an alarm beeps in the background. 

"You can hear in the video the alarm is going on and off. The bus was unattended and the bus was running. Anybody could have jumped in behind the scene and driven off," Bulario said. 

After several minutes, another TTC bus driver shows up at the scene after swapping control of his own bus with the next driver scheduled, and shortly after leaves without offering any help.  

Bulario said that after flagging down another driver in a bus behind the abandoned bus, passengers were eventually ordered off the bus. 

Ross offered an apology to the TTC riders who were left stranded because of the incident.