A TTC driver on the 165 Weston Road bus was photographed using a mobile device while apparently driving last Wednesday. ((Courtesy of Mike Schmitz))

The Toronto Transit Commission has fired three bus drivers for allegedly using mobile devices while operating transit vehicles, two published reports say.

The Toronto Sun and the Toronto Star are reporting Tuesday that the workers were fired after being caught using mobile devices or cellphones behind the wheel. Both newspapers cite unnamed sources close to an internal TTC investigation into the matter.

The investigation came after an image surfaced last week showing a TTC driver apparently using a hand-held device while driving.

The picture was taken by TTC rider Mike Schmitz on his iPhone last Wednesday as he was riding on the 165 Weston Road North bus, which he says was moving at about 50 km/h.

The Star and the Sun report the driver of that bus and two others photographed last week operating mobile devices while on the job were dismissed.

In Ontario, it has been illegal to use hand-held devices while driving since October 2009, although the province didn't start enforcing the rule until exactly a year ago.

A driver caught in the act is subject to a fine of $155. Anyone challenging the ticket may have the fine lowered to $50 or raised to $500 at the judge's discretion.