As a TTC bus approaches a traffic light along Eglinton Avenue at Ionview Road in Scarborough, something unexpected happens.

The light turns amber — and several vehicles including another TTC bus squeak through the intersection — and then red. A woman on the other side of the road begins to cross.

But the bus keeps going, plows through the red light and narrowly avoids hitting the woman crossing the street as at least one horn blares.

The entire incident was caught on tape by a dashboard camera. Someone then uploaded the video to YouTube. Though the date stamp on the video reads 2012, the advertising on the side of the TTC bus is for recently released movies.

The person who posted the video indicates that it was recorded the bus on July 21, at 9:15 a.m.

"This guy, he doesn't have time for your red lights!" the poster wrote in the video description.

The TTC's Brad Ross told CBC News the incident is "concerning," adding that the TTC is in the process of "identifying the operator and taking appropriate actions."

“I don’t want to speculate on what that discipline might be, but ultimately one could lose their job over something as serious as this, based on record, based on past performance and history," he said.

Ross said that this sort of "egregious running of a red light" is rare and reiterated that TTC operators must put safety above all.