Scooter vs. TTC bus: Dashcam captures woman squeezing past bus, getting tossed to ground

A scooter driver received a tough reminder of the rules of the road when she tried to squeeze between a TTC bus and the curb on Queen Street near Woodbine Avenue Wednesday evening and was tossed off her bike in the process.

The bus, bearing an advertisement for car-accident claims, never made contact with the rider

Some driving lessons are taught: always check your blind spot, for example. Others — like paying attention to the signal of the vehicle in front of you — are sometimes learned the hard way.

A scooter rider received a tough reminder of that lesson when she tried to squeeze between a TTC bus and the curb on Queen Street near Woodbine Avenue on Wednesday evening and was tossed to the ground in the process.

Video of the incident was captured on a driver's dashcam and posted to YouTube.

In the video, a TTC bus is seen travelling eastbound on Queen Street East. Shortly after passing Connaught Avenue, a woman riding a motor scooter comes into view and the bus signals to switch into the right lane.

It's not clear if the woman saw the signal. But rather than yielding, the scooter keeps going, seemingly trying to squeeze through the diminishing bit of road between the bus and the curb.

For a moment, it almost looks as if the woman is successful after briefly disappearing behind the bus.

A few seconds later, the scooter jumps the curb and the woman is knocked off the bike in front of a tree.

The bus then continues for a few metres before stopping.

Police say the driver of the bus didn't realize that anything had happened until passengers advised him. He stopped and phoned police and waited until they arrived on the scene.

After investigating, police found that although the woman fell off the scooter, the bus -— bearing an advertisement for a law firm specializing in car-accident claims —  never actually made contact with her.

The woman, who sustained minor injuries, also acknowledges she was not struck.

No charges were laid in the incident.


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