Halton Police are searching for three suspects who held up a truck driver in Oakville and left him in the back of a trailer. 

On Tuesday evening, a man who worked at a business on Cornwall Road in Oakville began his shift and was preparing to drive a tractor-trailer containing automotive products to the nearby Ford plant.

He noticed a minivan approach him and as it stopped, one suspect got out of the van and threatened him with an unseen firearm. The suspect then demanded the driver enter the back of the trailer, and the suspect drove the truck out of the parking lot with the employee trapped inside.

As the tractor-trailer drove northbound on Winston Churchill Boulevard, the employee in the trailer slid his hand through a gap in the trailer doors to try and get the attention of other drivers or pedestrians. 

Another suspect who was driving the minivan behind the tractor-trailer noticed this, and told his accomplice to stop the truck and they fully closed the rear doors and continued driving. 

After approximately an hour, the truck then parked at an address on South Sheridan Way in Mississauga. The suspects then ordered the employee into the back of a second trailer where his hands and legs were secured.

The employee overheard the suspects saying the load in the trailer wasn't of any use to them. They fled the scene, abandoning the truck and both trailers. 

After being inside the trailer for over an hour, the employee then freed himself and started yelling and banging on the doors.

A bystander heard him calling for help, released him and phoned police. 

Investigators are looking for three suspects and describe them as male, black, and all of average height and build. They all wore bandanas concealing their identity.

They are looking for the suspect's vehicle, described as a red 2005 Kia Sedona minivan.

Kia Sedona Halton Police

Halton Police say the suspects were driving a red 2005 Kia Sedona. (Halton Police)

Police say they are unaware of what  products the suspects were hoping to steal.