Trafalgar Road reopens after 3-car collision causes diesel spill northwest of city

A three-vehicle collision on Trafalgar Road and Sideroad 10 near Georgetown resulted in a diesel fuel spill in a nearby ditch.

Tanker truck rolled into ditch, leaking fuel

Recovery efforts were under way at the tanker rollover on Trafalgar, say police. (@HRPSMiltHH/Twitter)

Trafalgar Road has reopened following a diesel spill due to a three-vehicle collision north of Milton at Sideroad 10.

Fuel was leaking from a tanker truck that rolled over into the ditch as a result of the collision. The truck was transporting approximately 8,000 litres of diesel, approximately 250 litres of gasoline and rolled over into a ditch trying to avoid a collision.

Neither the diesel or gas leaked into nearby waterways.

Halton police say there were no life-threatening injuries . 

Police reported that a Volvo had stopped along Trafalgar to turn into a business. The fuel tanker reportedly rear-ended the Volvo, sending it into the ditch where it then rolled onto its side. A man and woman in the car were both transported to hospital with non-life-threatening injuries. 

The transport driver was not injured. 

The third vehicle involved was a Halton paramedic ambulance, travelling with a patient in the back. The ambulance was clipped on its side. It stopped briefly, but because it was transporting a patient, it moved on shortly afterwards.

The Ontario Ministry of Transport was called to the scene and reported that workers would remove and dispose of all the spilled diesel.