The 2009 Toyota Venza was the most-stolen vehicle in Canada in 2011. (CBC)

Bad news for Toyota Venza owners — the 2009 edition of the crossover SUV is the new hot target for Canadian car thieves.

The Toyota model tops the Insurance Bureau of Canada's top 10 most frequently stolen vehicles in Canada.

The 2009 Venza replaces the 2000 Honda Civic SiR, which was last year's No. 1 stolen vehicle and drops to third place this year.

In at second this year among car thieves is the 1999 Honda Civic SiR two-door.

Top 10 most stolen cars

  1. 2009 Toyota Venza 4-door   
  2. 1999 Honda Civic SiR 2-door
  3. 2000 Honda Civic SiR 2-door  
  4. 2006 Ford F350 Pickup Truck 4WD  
  5. 2002 Cadillac Escalade EXT 4-door AWD  
  6. 2006 Chevrolet TrailBlazer SS 4-door 4WD  
  7. 2007 Ford F350 Pickup Truck 4WD  
  8. 2001 Pontiac Aztek 4-door AWD  
  9. 1998 Acura Integra 2-door 
  10. 1999 Acura Integra 2-door

The insurance bureau says high-end vehicles are often targeted by criminal organizations that strip them for parts or resell them to unsuspecting consumers.

"Consumers need to be aware when they're in the market for used vehicles or parts," said Rick Dubin of the insurance bureau.

"Generally, Quebec stolen vehicles — like the Venza — are ending up in the Port of Montreal, as thieves appear to be seeking a quick distribution of the vehicles," Dubin said.

While auto theft is a big business, Dubin said the numbers are dropping.

"The good news is that statistics show that in 2010, the number of stolen vehicles in Canada — approximately 93,000 — was down 15 per cent from 2009," Dubin said.

"The bad news is that recovery rates for stolen vehicles are continuing to decline," he added.