Progressive Conservative Leader John Tory had 44 toxins in his blood, the most of the provincial leaders. (Adrian Wyld/Canadian Press)

An environmental organization has released the findings of blood tests conducted on Ontario's three major political leaders — and each tested positive for toxins and pollutants.

Liberal Leader Dalton McGuinty, Conservative Leader John Tory and NDP Leader Howard Hampton each have more than 40 different toxins and pollutants in their blood, Environmental Defence said in releasing the results.

In total there were 44 pollutants in Tory, 42 in Hampton, and 41 in McGuinty.

The group has been pushing hard for legislation to bring in tighter controls on carcinogens, toxins, and chemicals that disrupt the human genetic make-up. Earlier this year it asked the three main party leaders to give blood samples so it could find out how many dangerous chemicals they have been exposed to.

They all tested positive for pollutants found in everyday life, such as pesticides, stain repellants and bisphenol A, which is found in many plastic products, including water bottles.


NDP Leader Howard Hampton, seen in 2003, had 42 toxins in his blood. ((Frank Gunn/Canadian Press))

Rick Smith, executive director of Environmental Defence, said not enough research has been done to find out what this means for the health of the three party leaders.

"Certainly the research hasn't been done on what happens when there are dozens, or hundreds, of chemicals in our bodies at the same time," he said.

All three leaders had higher levels of toxins in their bodies than the members of the general public who took part in the study.

"Harmful pollutants surround us every day in the air we breathe, food we eat and products we use. And, as our study shows, the pollutants contaminate us, too," said Smith in a news release. "Not even the premier is immune."

Environmental Defence wants the parties to support the passage of a pollution and cancer prevention act.