Toronto police will deploy officers at busy intersections starting next week as part of a pilot project intended to ease traffic congestion.

The use of traffic assistant personnel (TAP) will cost $250,000.

Officers will be deployed at the following eight intersections for four weeks starting June 13 with another four-week trial set for the fall:

  • Bay Street and Queen Street.
  • Front Street and Simcoe Street.
  • Lake Shore Boulevard Parklawn Road.
  • Sheppard Avenue and Yonge Street.
  • Front Street and University Avenue.
  • Bay Street and Bloor Street.
  • University Avenue and Adelaide Street.
  • Bay Street from Bloor Street to Front Street.

Mayor John Tory said although police officers will oversee the intersections during the pilot project, he'd like to see the work eventually handed over to civilians as a way to save money and keep police focused on more important work.

"I am determined to use every tool at our disposal … in order to get traffic moving better," he said. 

In evaluating the project, city officials will look at overall traffic flow, illegal turns and pedestrian and cyclist compliance with traffic rules.