Ontario Conservative Leader John Tory has denounced an offensive e-mail sent by a member of Ryerson's Conservative Club, saying there is no place for racism in the party.

The e-mail, sent March 7 with the subject line "KKK-White Power," criticized the Toronto university's students union for inviting Black Panthers to campus, and proceeds to criticize each of the four members for allegedly promoting black supremacy.

"Maybe we can be very tolerant and invite Black Panthers to Ryerson to teach us that whites are some sort of disease and that we must be exterminated off the face of the planet," says the message, which was sent by Justin Morris, then the supreme web commander of the Ryerson Conservative Club.

Morris has since been removed from the club's executive and has offered his resignation. He told CBC News he regrets sending the e-mail.

In a statement released Thursday, Tory said he was "deeply troubled" when he learned of the e-mail.

"I have not seen the remarks for myself, but if they are as I have been advised, then I cannot condemn them strongly enough," he said. "There is absolutely no room for this type of behaviour in the Progressive Conservative Party of Ontario."

E-mail a 'racist threat,' student union VP charges

One of the targeted members of the students union, vice-president of education Heather Kere, told the campus newspaper paper the Eyeopener that she considered the e-mail a "racist threat," and plans to call the police.

A member of the campus group United Black Students says they're disgusted with the message.

Saron Ghebersellassie told CBC News that the group is demanding the student face discipline, such as expulsion or suspension.

Ghebersellassie also said the Conservatives should issue a public apology, and urge Ryerson to reprimand the student.