A polar bear cub at the Toronto Zoo has revealed his name to the world in the kind of online video that has already made him an online sensation: Cuteness, thy name is Humphrey.

The zoo posted a video Thursday showing the cub tug a shroud away from a sign that simply reads: "Hello, my name is Humphrey."

Previous videos showing the cub taking its first steps getting his first bath and exploring his outdoor habitat have proven to be click magnets for the zoo.

Humphrey was born in November and his name was selected by 14,000 fans who participated in a "name the cub" contest. The name Humphrey beat out five other contenders: Orson, James, Lorek, Searik and Stirling.

Humphrey has also been given an Inuit name — "Piujuq" (Piu), meaning "good and nice." The cub will be formally documented as Humphrey Piujuq in the official registry at the zoo.


The Toronto Zoo released this video Thursday of its newest polar bear unveiling his name. The cub, already something of a YouTube sensation for previous videos, is named Humphrey. (YouTube)

Humphrey lives with three adult polar bears at the zoo: his mother Aurora, father Inukshuk and aunt Nikita.