Toronto's public schools are facing another budgetary shortfall — and that could mean fewer teachers in the classrooms as well as cuts to other areas of education.

The board's 2013-2014 school-based staff allocation was released Tuesday recommending cutting nearly 250 secondary school teachers positions, along with cuts to guidance teachers, clerical staff, even school-based safety monitors.

The report is used by the board and school trustees as they prepare the final budget for the upcoming year.

This year, the TDSB is facing a $55-million deficit.  Last year it dealt with a $109-million deficit — its biggest ever.

The recommended cuts to teachers and staff would not eliminate the deficit.  But would reduce it to about by about 50 per cent.

The board says shrinking enrolment is partially to blame, as is full-day kindergarten which is not fully funded by the province.

Toronto high schools are predicted to have an average enrolment next year of just 800 students per high school.  The board says about 40 per cent of those schools will have fewer than 500 students.