Toronto streetcar shooting: After Sammy Yatim was shot

A video of the aftermath of the police shooting of Sammy Yatim shows images of the Toronto teenager twitching on the floor of a TTC streetcar as officers prepare for the arrival of paramedics.
A funeral for Sammy Yatim was held in Toronto on Thursday. Portions of the interaction between the Toronto teenager and police were captured on several recordings that have been made public since his death on Saturday morning. (Nathan Denette/Canadian Press)

A video of the aftermath of the police shooting of Sammy Yatim shows images of the Toronto teenager twitching on the floor of a TTC streetcar as officers prepare for the arrival of paramedics.

The 18-year-old Yatim was shot by a police officer in the early minutes of Saturday morning, when he was standing on an empty streetcar on Dundas Street West, near Bellwoods Avenue.

Witnesses have said the teenager was holding a knife on the streetcar before police got to the scene.

Yatim's death is now being probed by the Special Investigations Unit, the province's police watchdog.

The SIU has said that Yatim suffered "multiple gunshot wounds" during his brief confrontation with police. Officers also deployed a Taser after the shooting.

Several videos captured portions of the final minutes of Yatim’s life, including the moments before the streetcar came to a halt on Dundas Street, when he was shot and what happened in the minutes that followed. Nine shots can be heard being fired.

Sammy Yatim's death shocked and outraged many Torontonians, including hundreds who participated in a protest march after his death. The woman above is holding a sign at a vigil held the day after Yatim's death. (Michelle Siu/Canadian Press)

A 5½-minute video posted on YouTube by a user named "caplinGrey" shows the perspective from the sidewalk, on the side of the streetcar where the doors open.

It begins after Yatim has already fallen to the floor of the streetcar, after the shooting.

"Clear it up for an emergency run," an officer can be heard saying, in an apparent reference to the ambulance that will be coming to the scene.

Officers begin arranging yellow police tape to separate members of the public from the scene of the shooting.

Someone off-screen is heard talking about the fact that officers are pumping Yatim’s chest.

Small objects that appear to be shell casings from the gun the officer fired are visible on the ground.

Partway through the video, the person making the recording moves along the sidewalk closer to the front door of the streetcar. As the camera zooms in, Yatim's foot can be seen twitching.

Close by, a pair of officers can be seen marking the locations where shell casings have fallen.

"Hey, find me Forcillo! Where is Forcillo?" says a voice at the scene, in what appears to be a reference to Const. James Forcillo, the officer who shot Yatim that night.

The video also shows firefighters and paramedics arriving at the scene and preparing to remove Yatim from the streetcar. The teenager can then be seen being loaded onto a stretcher outside the streetcar.

The last part of the video shows an ambulance leaving the scene with its sirens on. Yatim would be taken to St. Michael's Hospital where the SIU says he succumbed to his injuries.

Following the shooting, Forcillo was suspended with pay. The SIU has identified 22 witness officers to the incident, in addition to the now suspended subject officer.

While the shooting of the Toronto teenager has outraged many in the city, a police union leader has urged the public to wait for the full facts to be known before drawing conclusions about what happened.

A funeral was held for Yatim in Toronto on Thursday morning.

Yatim came to Canada five years ago, attending and graduating high school in Toronto.

The video of the shooting aftermath can be viewed below.

Warning: Graphic video that some viewers may find upsetting. This video was not shot by CBC and has been edited by the originating source.