Toronto police are expecting to meet up soon with a driver they clocked doing 224 kilometres an hour on the Gardiner Expressway just after 2 a.m. on Monday.

The posted speed limit is 90 km/h.

According to police, two cars were involved in an early-morning race in the westbound lanes of the Gardiner.

One car, a BMW, was clocked by officers at 189 km/h.

Police managed to pull the car over and charge the driver under Ontario's street-racing laws — meaning he'll automatically lose his licence and his car for seven days.

But the second car was travelling so fast that officers determined it was too dangerous to try to catch it.

"When you start engaging people at those kinds of speeds, we have to weigh a lot of factors, not the least of which is the public safety concern. And if we're trying to go after someone who's going over 200 kilometres an hour, we're putting ourselves, that person and the public at a really undue risk. So sometimes [we] disengage and catch up to him another day," said Sgt. Tim Burrows.

Police did manage to get a description of the car and its licence plate. 

They say they'll likely visit the car's owner on Monday morning.