The Greater Toronto Area is set to emerge from a deep freeze this week, but the rising temperatures and melting snow could lead to flooding for homeowners.

"When it rains when it's slightly above zero, it can really accelerate the snow-melt process, so it all depends how much rain we get, how warm that rain is and how fast it falls,” said Ryan Ness of the Toronto and Region Conservation Authority.

The mercury is expected to reach 4 C in Toronto on Wednesday with a chance of light snow and drizzle, while showers are forecast for Thursday and Friday.

Ken Robinson, who works for repair and restoration company Paul Davis Systems, advises homeowners to check their foundation for cracks where water can seep into the basement.


Five centimetres of overnight snow meant it was time to fire up the snow blower again. (David Donnelly/CBC)

“Look in the corners, look below your windows,” Davis told CBC News’s Shannon Martin. “Probably there’s a crack as the foundation has shifted and moved. And we may see more of that movement this year with cracks because of the cold and the heaving and the deep freeze that we’ve had.”

Robinson also advises people to clear their drains of snow and hire professionals to remove ice build-up on roofs.

About five centimetres of snow fell overnight in the GTA, giving residents a messy commute earlier today, although it did not cause any widespread cancellations to school buses. 

A chance of light flurries is expected overnight, along with a risk of freezing drizzle. Tonight's low will be -3 C with temperatures rising to zero by morning. 

Environment Canada says rainfall amounts over the next few days could be in the 30 to 40 mm range, with much of the precipitation falling Thursday night through Friday morning.