The Canadian Automobile Association has released its list of Ontario’s worst roads and Toronto roads occupy four of the roads on the list.

The list is not compiled scientifically; voters cast their ballots in an online poll.

The worst roads of 2013 are:

  1. Dufferin Street – Toronto.
  2. Burlington Street – Hamilton.
  3. Finch Avenue West – Toronto.
  4. Kraft Creek Road – Timmins.
  5. Bayview Avenue – Toronto.
  6. Lawrence Avenue East – Toronto.
  7. Wharncliffe Road South – London.
  8. Bouvier Road – Clarence-Rockland.
  9. Carling Avenue – Ottawa.
  10. Stanley Avenue – Niagara Falls.

Bill, a taxi driver, said Dufferin — which tops the list for the second year in a row — remains in bad shape.

"The Dufferin and Dupont intersection is very bad. It's like, broken street, broken surface, some big holes, lots of construction," he said.

The release of the worst-roads list is part of a CAA campaign to have a greater share of gas tax revenue devoted to road repairs.

With files from Trevor Dunn