A ragtag group of Toronto singers is hoping to provide some relief to stressed-out citizens by putting their pet peeves to song.

So-called "complaints choirs" first popped up in Europe in cities like Birmingham and Helsinki and then spread worldwide. Common themes range from everyday irritants like the price of groceries to more personal problems like being unable to find an attractive mate.

Tina Rasmussen started the Toronto choir and set up a website inviting people to send in their complaints about the city. They received more than 1,000 of them.

"People were complaining a lot about the TTC, a lot about neighbours, nosy neighbours, loud neighbours," said Rasmussen.

"But the idea around the complaints choir is that people come together; and through the complaints transform their situation and it becomes really joyful."

Carly Dunster, a singer with the group, said participants didn't have to try out — the organizers took everyone who wanted to sing.

"It's something you could get involved in with the community that didn't take too much commitment and was just kind of fun and quirky," she said.

The choir plans to stage flash mob performances next week at various Toronto locations.

There will also be an official performance next Wednesday at 6 p.m. at the Art Gallery of Ontario on Dundas Street West.