Good news for local cider fans — after a year in business,Toronto’s first craft cider will now be sold at the LCBO.

Brickworks Ciderhouse co-founder Adam Gerritts said achieving this brings a “huge sense of pride” to the one-year-old company.

“It was an incredible amount of work producing this product and it’s going to be a real good day when we first get to go there and buy our product off the shelves,” said co-founder of Brickworks Ciderhouse Adam Gerrits.

The company is named after the Evergreen Brickworks, which bills itself as a community environmental centre.

“We love the area, we love what they’re all about because we’re a product that cares so much about local and sustainability,” said co-founder Chris Noll. “Their goals were exactly in line with what ours were so it‘s a natural fit.”

The company now plans to open a cidery and retail space at the Bricksworks in a couple of years, complete with its own supply of apples.

“We’d love to have an orchard in the Don Valley that we oversee and we’re the guardians of, kids can come and pick apples and we can produce a small amount of cider out of that as well too.” Noll said.