The Toronto Police Services Board board voted today against expanding the use of Tasers in the city's police force.

tasers lit

Members of the Toronto Police Services Board voted against expanding the use of tasers for front-line officers today.

Tasers were a large part of Thursday's meeting, where the police budget is being discussed.

Police Chief Bill Blair had made a request that more money be put towards equipping more front-line officers with Tasers — often seen as a controversial weapon.

Board members voted unanimously against the move with those from the mental-health subcommittee saying officers needed more mental health training instead of more Tasers.

Against tasers

Miguel Avila from 'Toronto Cop Watch,' attended the police board meeting as one of the deputants, speaking out against tasers. (Kimberly Gale/CBC)

"That's something the board has the authority to do," said Chief Bill Blair. "The board had asked me in September if I would come forward and explain to them what my plan was in response to the ministry changing the guidelines with respect to conducted-energy weapons.

"I came forward to them today with that plan and what I ... intended to do, and the board has asked me not to do that, and of course I'll follow the direction of my board."

Today's meeting comes only shortly after City Coun. Doug Ford called for the police chief to resign after a police press conference about video evidence involving Mayor Rob Ford.