The Toronto Zoo's giant panda cubs have already won the hearts and minds of the city, but now the zoo hopes to win them some international acclaim.

The nameless twin cubs, who turned 100 days old last week, are nominated for a 2015 Giant Panda Global Award in the category of Panda Cub of the Year. 

You're probably thinking, "There are awards for pandas?". Well, the answer is yes, yes there are. They are handed out each year by, a website that promotes conservation and tracks captive panda births around the world. 

On Sunday the Toronto Zoo solicited votes for the cubs on Twitter. They are up against cubs from the U.S., Malaysia and several breeding centres in China. 

The twins were born Oct. 13, 2015 to mom Er Shun, one of two giant pandas on loan to the zoo from China. Er Shun is also nominated for an award.

Online voting closes on Feb. 3.

The twins were the first giant panda cubs born in Canada, and are expected to be formally introduced to the public sometime in mid-March. 

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