Torontonians woke up to freezing rain Thursday and most had just one question on their minds. 

The people had spoken.

They wanted an #iceday to give them five days off work and school over Easter weekend. And they used the incredible power of social media to speak those truths. 

Authorities heard them, and felt the pressure. 

Minutes later, several announcements. All schools closed for Peel Catholic and Public, and Halton Catholic and Public school boards and #iceday tweeters rejoiced. 

The most adorable among them, were the children themselves. 

That's the face of a kid who knows there's likely a leisurely pancake breakfast in her future and some TV-watching-in-pjs time too.

The children belonging to CBC Toronto News host Anne-Marie Mediwake were also euphoric... were many teachers and staff. 

But not everyone was crying tears of joy. Some were crying real tears.

Real tears of sadness for not getting the day off.

McMaster University students were among that legion. 

Many parents, the ones whose children's schools didn't close, felt deep, catastrophic pain too. 

Also: "I'm really glad I had to go to work and not spend the next five days in an Easter holiday-like state of bliss," said no person in the world, ever.

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