Torontonians pay some of the highest prices in the world for a monthly public transit pass, according to a study from a European moving company. 

Movinga contacted transport offices around the world to find out the cost of a monthly public transit pass.

Only London, Dublin, Sydney and New York City are more expensive than Toronto, with a month on the London tube — the most expensive city — totalling $153.58 US, or nearly $200 Cdn.

Of the 89 cities surveyed, the cheapest monthly average is found in Cairo, Egypt, ($13.98 Cdn) followed by Hanoi, Vietnam ($18.59 Cdn).

Toronto's monthly rate is listed in the study as $103.07 US, or about $136 Cdn. A Toronto Metropass costs $146.25, but Movinga told CBC News that the $10 difference in the study is the result of "fluctuating exchange rates."

Movinga also published a chart showing the top 15 most expensive cities, all shown in U.S. currency. 

Monthly transport costs chart

A chart lists the most expensive cities in the world for public transportation, with London coming in as the most expensive. (Movinga )