The husband of one of the 21 women who allege they were sexually assaulted by a Toronto anesthesiologist testified Wednesday that right after the surgery, his wife told him what had happened.

The man told a Toronto courtroom that his wife said, "Something happened in the OR (operating room). He forced his penis in my mouth.  He was playing with my breasts."

"I asked 'how do you know'? She said 'I saw his face when he was trying to kiss me.'"

The woman, who was on the operating table at the time, is expected to testify herself on Thursday in the trial of Dr. George Doodnaught.

Doodnaught is accused of sexually assaulting 21 women between 2006 and 2010 while they were being operated on. Most of the alleged assaults took place at North York General Hospital.


George Doodnaught has pleaded not guilty to 21 sex assault charges. ((Toronto Police Service) )

Doodnaught, 64, has pleaded not guilty to all charges.

The trial is being conducted by judge alone.

On Tuesday, Crown prosecutor David Wright showed the court staged photographs of the operating rooms in the hospital where Doodnaught had worked since 1981.

The photographs were meant to show how Doodnaught might have used what is called a 'sterile screen' to block the view of other doctors and nurses who were also in the operating room, just steps away.

The screen is a 1-by-1.5 metre curtain that separates the sterile and non-sterile parts of the operating room.

Prosecutors also called a fellow doctor to testify on Wednesday — Dr. Melanie Campbell — who performed the hysterectomy on the woman who has alleged Doodnaught fondled her breasts and put his penis in her mouth.

Campbell testified one thing stands out from that day — an exchange she had with Doodnaught about the patient.

The woman was sedated but semi-conscious when Campbell heard her speak out in the middle of the surgery.

"I heard the patient say what I thought was 'How are my tubes?'"

Confused, Campbell says she asked Doodnaught to clarify.

"He said 'No, she said how are my boobs?'"

"He went on to explain she'd recently had breast augmentation surgery. At that point I felt satisfied with that answer."

Campbell adjusted her own work, concerned a tray of tools balancing on the patient's torso might be causing discomfort.

The court has been told that the patient will testify that Doodnaught fondled her breasts and later put his penis in her mouth.

The allegations from the other 20 women are similar.

Female patients claim Doodnaught kissed them, fondled their breasts and placed his penis in their mouths and hands.

The women were sedated, but conscious while they were undergoing various surgeries on their lower bodies. 

Additional allegations surfaced after news of Doodnaught's arrest in 2010.

The trial continues.