Friends and family members of cyclist Jenna Morrison, who was killed in Toronto’s west end earlier this week, gathered on Wednesday at the corner where she died to remember her as "a living source of inspiration" who helped her husband overcome cancer.

"She started every day by lighting a candle for all those people living and for those people who have passed," said Carlos Gonzalez-Vio, a friend who was among the first at the collision scene.

Morrison, a 38-year-old yoga instructor and mother, died beneath the wheels of a truck at the corner of Dundas Street West and Sterling Avenue at 11:30 a.m. on Monday. She leaves behind a husband and five-year-old son and was pregnant with her second child.


Cyclist Jenna Morrison, 38, died after she was involved in a collision with a truck at the corner of Dundas Street West and Sterling Avenue on Monday.

Gonzalez-Vio said Morrison had helped her husband Florian overcome cancer.

"He considers his life a miracle given to him by a woman who did not live by the rules of the physical world," the man said. "At the cancer support group, people gravitated toward Jenna. She loved this world and the people in it."

Gonzalez-Vio said that those close to Morrison have questions about how her death happened, but added "this is a time for mourning, not for blame."


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Police say a truck travelling southbound on Sterling made a right turn to head westbound on Dundas. Morrison was making the same turn when she was hit.

More than a dozen friends and students held a private memorial for Morrison Tuesday at the Kensington Market yoga studio where she worked.

Dylan Kirk was a close friend of Morrison and said she will be badly missed.

"Jenna was an amazing being," he told CBC News. "Bright from the time that I met her. Supportive, giving, loving, caring. That light always wore off on everybody around her, whether you passed her on the street or were a close and dear friend."

"It's just a great loss, a great tragedy."

Police said the investigation into Morrison's death is continuing and no charges have been laid.

The city's cycling community plans to hold a memorial ride for Morrison on Monday morning.