The City of Toronto is apologizing after some were displeased by "inappropriate content" during a performance by rapper Belly as part of Canada Day festivities at Nathan Phillips Square Monday night. 

During the city's final night of fireworks, some in attendance were offended by what they say was repeated use of profanities by the Canadian rapper.

"As per contracts, the city expects all artists to deliver G-rated, family-friendly shows suitable for all ages," the city said in a statement, adding it will follow up with the artist "to address the issue."

The city says it is "extremely disappointed with what happened."

But the rapper was seemingly unapologetic for the show, sending out a series of tweets denouncing censorship around his music.

Belly criticized those who were offended by his performance and the city, saying organizers were aware his performance would contain profanities. 

Many people expressed their concern for the program's inappropriate language and references on Twitter. 

Maria Castellucci was in attendance at the concert with her sisters and 15-year-old niece.

She said she saw many children in attendance at the event and felt "verbally assaulted" by the performance. 

"From the opening, the DJ told the crowd to 'make some motherf------ noise.' That is hardly an appropriate way to greet young children, seniors and quite honestly, anyone," she told CBC Toronto.

"This continued with song lyrics referring to people as b----, the N-word, and more." She added that the fact that the city felt this was an appropriate act was what upset her the most. 

While some spectators were offended by the performance, others did not see an issue with it. 

The City of Toronto had hosted events across the city over the long weekend in honour of Canada Day and Canada 150.