A Toronto-born teenager who was trapped inside the Nairobi mall attacked by Somali militants on Saturday is now talking about her ordeal.

Sixty-two people were killed and scores of others injured after armed militants stormed Nairobi’s Westgate mall and opened fire. Two Canadians are among the dead.

The militant group al-Shabaab has claimed responsibility for the deadly attack.

Dheeman Abdi, 16, and her sister Fardosa were shopping at the West Gate mall when militants set off explosives and started shooting.

“I had a grenade on my hand. My fingers, one is broken the other ...  a lot of meat came off. And a bullet when through my thigh."

The grenade that wounded Dheeman exploded next to Fardosa's leg, shattering it. She remains in critical condition.

Her family would like to bring Fardosa back to Canada, but is having trouble.

Kissa Hassan is the girls' aunt.

“We have been working with the Canadian embassy,” she said. “It’s very expensive to airlift her and she cannot go on a commercial flight, so we're stuck.”

Doctors fear Fardosa may never walk again.

The girls moved to Nairobi three years ago, where their father works in real estate.