William (Billy) Jamieson was a world-renowned dealer of tribal art, but also a collector of macabre items, including electric chairs and shrunken heads. He passed away in 2011 and a collection of his unusual and bizarre pieces is being auctioned by Waddington's in Toronto on April 29.

Jamieson is a self-taught collector, who became interested in tribal art at a young age. He became interested in macabre to fill his now-legendary Halloween parties. It attracted an array of people from Toronto's social scene during the 1980s. He sold artifacts to stars such as Mick Jagger and Steven Tyler, but also the ROM and the Metropolitan Museum of Art. 

He also purchased the Niagara Falls Museum, which he stocked with nine Egyptian mummies, and starred in a travel show called Treasure Hunter.

He was a consultant for the National Geographic Society on headhunting, human sacrifice and cannibalism.