Time-lapse video captures massive condo bridge lift

Watch this time-lapse video showing crews lifting a 450-tonne glass and steel 'bridge' 33 storeys between two condominium towers in downtown Toronto.
Massive structure spans two Toronto condos 33 floors up 0:50

A massive steel and glass structure has been hauled up 30 storeys and wedged between two condominium towers at Concord Adex's CityPlace condominium development in downtown Toronto.

The so-called SkyBridge — which weighs 450 tonnes is three storeys high, and 40 metres long — was hauled up overnight on Monday and attached to the two Parade condominium buildings located just west of Spadina Avenue and north of Lake Shore Boulevard West.

The structure, which was pre-assembled, was lifted in one piece some 33 storeys.

It includes two residential suites, a bar and lounge.

The job got underway Monday night after sunset and was completed about 12 hours later, at about 11 a.m. on Tuesday. CBC News has captured most of the lift in the time-lapse video at the top of the page.