Is the hit song Can't Feel My Face by R&B artist The Weeknd the perfect anthem for a visit to the dentist?

Toronto YouTube star Andrew Huang imagines it that way in a cover that's generated over 500,000 views in less than a week.

Toronto YouTube Andrew Huang

Andrew Huang, who has more than 250K subscribers on YouTube, covers The Weeknd from a Kensington Market dental chair. (YouTube)

In the video, Huang, a classically-trained musician best known online for playing pop hits with household equipment, performs the song in a Kensington Market dentist's chair.

His instruments: rubber gloves, the dreaded drill and a perfectly-timed blast from the air brush. (Yeah, you just have to watch it.)

The Weeknd — also from Toronto — probably won't mind, considering his song has reached mega-hit status, with more than 46 million views on YouTube alone, not to mention the countless radio plays.

But the hit is a big deal for Huang, and his wife Esther who recently quit her job to help him produce more YouTube videos full-time.