Cassim Cummings, the man accused of stabbing a passenger on a TTC subway train on Wednesday, made a brief court appearance on Saturday morning.

Cummings, who is facing a number of charges including attempted murder, was brought into court at Old City Hall at about 10:30 a.m.

On Wednesday night, just after 10 p.m., Cummings, 20, allegedly stabbed a male passenger on a southbound train as it approached Davisville station.  The passenger was trying to get Cummings to stop bothering other riders.

Photos taken by another passenger show the victim bleeding on the floor of the train as paramedics arrive to help.

Cummings fled the scene.

Police found him on Friday morning in an apartment at 250 Davenport Road.

Theresa, a resident of the building who would only give her first name said she heard a commotion.

"Early in the morning I heard a guy running in the hallways. screaming someone's name, very angry, very irate and going down the stairwells from one side to another." 

Police have not identified the man who was stabbed.  But they say he is expected to recover.

On Friday the stabbing victim released a statement from his hospital bed, thanking the passengers who came to his aid.

"My family and I wish to publicly thank those individuals who came to my aid and offered help to a complete stranger. It is with sincere appreciation that I offer this thanks to those who put my life ahead of their own personal safety. For that I am grateful and hope their actions serve as a reminder that people in this city still care and that a strong sense of community was evident that night in the subway."

During Saturday's court appearance Cummings was ordered remanded in custody until his next appearance on Monday.