Which services would be affected if Toronto's CUPE Local 79 goes on strike?

As the city works to hammer out a new labour deal with its unionized inside workers, here's a list of the services that could be affected in the event of a labour disruption.

Labour disruption could affect everything from daycares to city arenas

Everything from daycares to local pools would be affected if the city can't reach a deal with its indoor workers and the union local that represents them opts to strike. (David Donnelly/CBC)

Talks between the city and its more than 20,000 indoor workers broke down Saturday night with CUPE Local 79 still in a legal striking position.

Local president Tim Maguire said his members want to keep negotiating and will simply continue their work-to-rule campaign for now. But he did say that the union will review all its options.

With the union rejecting the city's latest offer, it appears the two sides could be at a standoff. In the case of a labour stoppage, we've compiled a list of all the services that could be affected.

The city has said the following services will not operate in the event of a strike or lockout:

  • Child-care centres.
  • Recreation and fitness centres would be closed. Camps and any recreational or fitness classes would be cancelled.
  • Pool and swimming classes.
  • City-operated ski hills.
  • Building permits.
  • Collection of household hazardous waste, electronic waste and metal goods. Hazardous waste depots will also be closed.
  • Processing of residential parking permits.
  • Street cleaning, road, bridge and sidewalk maintenance.
  • Enforcement of non-emergency bylaws connected to animals.
  • Public tours, visits to city hall.
  • Skating at Toronto City Hall, Scarborough Civic Centre and Mel Lastman Square.
  • Toronto Archives.
  • Municipal job postings will be suspended during a labour disruption.
  • Dental screening services through Public Health.
  • Sexual health clinics.
  • Home checkups for new parents.
  • Food safety inspections.
Talks broke down between the city and CUPE Local 79 Saturday night, according to Toronto Mayor John Tory and the union's president Tim Maguire. (CBC)

Other services will continue to run, but there could be delays in the case of a labour disruption. Those include:

  • Garbage collection: Although the city will continue to offer it, they said that there may be delays or changes to the normal collection times.
  • Arenas would be open for anyone holding a permit.
  • Some community centres will be open, while others would be closed; check the full list here.
  • Toronto Animal Services will operate, but the city says to expect delays in picking up strays or in managing investigations.
  • Homeless shelters may have to reduce their hours.
John Tory updates status of negotiations with CUPE Local 79 16:05

Services that will not be affected by a work stoppage include:

  • Fire.
  • Police.
  • Paramedics.
  • Long-term city-operated care homes.
  • Water services.
  • Waste water treatment.
  • Emergency tree inspection in public parks.
  • Riverdale Farm and High Park Zoo.
  • Toronto Islands ferry service.
  • Weather-related transportation services, like snow-clearing and sanding.
  • Ontario Works clients will continue to get their benefits.
  • Toronto newcomer office will stay open for Syrian refugees.
  • Out of the Cold Program.
  • Emergency shelters.
  • Toronto court services.
  • Most public libraries.
  • Outdoor ice rinks.
  • New pet licences.
  • Community Crisis Response program.
  • Property tax collection will continue. The city says it will not extend any deadlines.