Police have returned five truckloads of toys and goods that had been stolen to the Salvation Army’s warehouse.

"We’re really proud and happy with what we've been able to do to return these toys to the Salvation Army," Toronto Police Det. Robert Strain said.

"I've never seen an investigation unfold like this and the amount that we've been able to seize and return to their rightful owner," he said.

The alleged thefts of more than $2 million worth of toys and goods took place at the Salvation Army's warehouse facility on Railside Road. Two men have been charged so far.

Police recovered a cache of toys at a Brampton warehouse in November.

The toys have been inventoried since they were recovered and police hope now they will be able to be distributed to families in need by Christmas.

However, in other parts of the city, more toys were stolen this week.

On Friday two bags or toys were stolen from a church on Mount Pleasant and St. Clair. On Wednesday someone broke into the basement of a high-rise on Wellesley and stole dozens of gift boxes from the Toronto Star Santa Claus Fund meant for children in the area.

"I was kind of like shocked and thinking why would someone want to go inside there and steal boxes that belong to kids," said tenant Linda Gogh.

There are security cameras in the basement, so police hope this will help them identify possible suspects.