The emergency department at St. Michael's Hospital will remain closed until at least Wednesday morning, after flooding forced it to shut down early Tuesday. 

About 30 people were inside the emergency department when a second-floor pipe burst around 1 a.m., a spokeswoman said. The hospital admitted some of the patients and sent the less urgent cases to other hospitals, Leslie Shepherd said.

Shepherd told CBC News Wednesday afternoon that the emergency department will be closed to patients overnight as staff assess the damage and start making repairs. She said staff "will be meeting first thing tomorrow morning to get an update and see whether it is possible to open a limited number of beds after the meeting."

The burst pipe had nothing to do with the weather, Shepherd said.

"Because it's an emergency department at [a] trauma centre we have a lot of sophisticated medical equipment … so we need our vendors and our IT department to come in and make sure that every piece of equipment is safe for our patients."

About 75,000 people go through the hospital's emergency room each year, which breaks down to about 205 people each day.

Patients with non-emergency issues can find their next-nearest hospital here and Emergency Medical Services are already re-routing ambulances for 911 calls.