A chocolate bar thief is driving the owner of convenience store near Broadview Station a little squirrelly.

Because, well — the bandit is a squirrel.

In a Reddit Toronto thread first posted this fall, the store's owner says the shop doors typically stay open because it gets "stuffy and hot" inside. And, for more than seven years, it's never led to problems.

"Until the squirrel started showing up," the owner wrote.

And there's more: The owner later learned the thefts — at least six so far — could be the work of an entire ring of furry thieves, or at least two critters. "A black one (or more) and a light brown/grey one (or more)," the owner wrote.

But there's hope!

The two, three, or more furry criminals — it's not totally clear — have now been caught on camera swiping candy bars from a bottom shelf.

In one video titled "Crunchie Caper," posted on Wednesday, a squirrel sneaks into the store, snags a Crunchie bar, and dashes outside — then scampers across the street.

The owner hoped Reddit users could help him figure out a solution, but the comments so far have been a mixed bag.

"Maybe you should capitalize on the cute and quirky nature of this," said one user.

"Get a squirrel cage and put a chocolate bar in it," wrote another.

And, rather bluntly, one user offered this suggestion: "Get a screen door?"