Fight over Square One parking spot caught on video

Two suspects were arrested and a video has gone viral after a fight broke out at the Square One shopping mall — over a parking spot.

2 suspects arrested after Boxing Day dust-up turns bloody

Two men were arrested and a video has gone viral after a fight broke out at the Square One shopping mall — over a parking spot. 

Video posted to Twitter on Saturday afternoon shows two men swinging wildly at each other amid rows of cars and a small crowd at the Mississauga, Ont., mall. 

One of the men is later seen nursing his bloodied face. (Warning: The video contains coarse language.) 

The man who shot the video, known by his Twitter handle Sylvester StillAlone, summed up the scene with a few words at the end of the 28-second clip. 

"I found out today why they call it Boxing Day, and it has nothing to do with getting good deals," he says, smiling to the camera. 

"I'm going home. I haven't even made it inside the mall yet …I'm done." 

Peel Regional Police — who also expressed some disbelief about the incident on Twitter — arrested two men.

One of them, a 38-year old from Oakville, Ont., was on Sunday charged with assault and dangerous operation of a vehicle. He is due in court on Jan. 19. The other man was not charged. 


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