Military police are investigating a soldier regarding a voyeurism allegation after a hidden smartphone was found planted inside a woman's change room at a military facility in Toronto, CBC News has learned. 

In June, a female soldier found the smartphone taped underneath a sink in a third-floor change room used by women at the building in the Downsview area, a source who requested anonymity told CBC Toronto.

The third floor is supposed to be a highly secure area where soldiers are forbidden from carrying phones or any devices capable of recording or transmitting, the source said. A military detection unit is supposed to scan soldiers entering the area to make sure they aren't carrying any such devices, according to the source.

'A member of the Canadian Armed Forces is currently subject of an investigation ... in relation to a report of alleged voyeurism.' - Maj. Cynthia Larue

In an emailed statement to CBC Toronto, Maj. Cynthia Larue confirmed "that a member of the Canadian Armed Forces is currently subject of an investigation by the Canadian Forces Military Police in relation to a report of alleged voyeurism at a defence establishment in Toronto."

Because of the nature of the allegation and where the smartphone was located, the investigation is being handled by the Canadian Forces National Investigation Services, a branch of the military police.  

downsview base sign

The Canadian Forces building in the Downsview area has sensitive areas off-limits to the public. (Chris Gargas/CBC)

As soon as the female soldier discovered the smartphone in June, she handed it over to a senior officer, the source said.

Several days after the smartphone was discovered, other women at the establishment were briefed about the situation and told an investigation was being launched, according to the source.

When asked if the subject of the investigation, who is still a member of the military, still has access to Downsview or female soldiers, Larue said, "There are currently no concerns for the safety of any of our members at our defence establishments in Toronto in relation to that incident."

Canadian military

Toronto police say they have no jurisdiction to lay charges at the facility. (Frédéric Pepin/Radio-Canada)

The Canadian Forces won't say how many women may have been recorded or how long the smartphone was in the change room. 

"The Canadian Forces Military Police take all allegations seriously. In all cases, investigations are conducted to determine the facts, analyze the evidence and, if warranted, pursue appropriate charges," Larue told CBC Toronto. "As the incident is currently under investigation, no further details can be released at this time," she said. 

Toronto police say they have no jurisdiction to lay charges and had not been contacted regarding the alleged voyeurism.