It seems some GTA students were disappointed this morning's 10 centimetres of snow wasn't enough to trigger a snow day. A few grumbled about it on Twitter, only to get a snap back from the school board. 

In this example, a tweeter who appears to be a student sent a somewhat snarky message pointing out the weather to the Peel District School Board.

 The school board was quick to respond. 

The school board also reminded students that unless they hear otherwise, school is on.

The Toronto District School Board also had to remind students that a) this is Canada and b)10 centimetres is not enough to stay home from school. 

The student responded, and the TDSB snapped back:

The student, perhaps sensing she was not going to win this one, answered with praise.

Another student decided to try...

And also got rebuked.

There were other Twitter exchanges between accounts that appear to be those of students and the school board. 

Some had praise for how the TDSB handled things.

And with that the social media lesson was complete.