Snake found dead after being abandoned outside Newmarket reptile store

One of two snakes abandoned in front of a reptile store in Newmarket has died, according to York Regional Police. The other is in bad shape but being cared for at the Indian River Reptile Zoo.

A second abandoned snake is in bad shape but being cared for at a reptile zoo

York Regional Police tweeted this image of the snake, adding they're 'still working on trying to find them a ssssssssafe home.' (York Regional Police)

One of two snakes abandoned in front of a reptile store in Newmarket has died, according to York Regional Police. The other is in bad shape but being taken care of by the Indian River Reptile Zoo. 

Bry Loyst, a director at Indian River, says zoo employees found the snake dead at around 3:00 p.m. when they opened its container, not long after police handed the two animals over. 

"As soon as we opened it, we could smell the smell and the feces were everywhere and the snake was deceased," said Loyd.

He says it's impossible to figure out the cause of death without a postmortem. 

"It could be anything from being out in the sun in the container for some period of time today, possibly overnight in the cold or something to do with the care previously."

The snakes were found at the Lost World Reptile Shop on Leslie Street in Newmarket just before 9 a.m. Monday. 

York police Const. Andy Pattenden said each snake was in its own bin. One is described as a six-to-eight-feet long Burmese python. The other is a bit smaller, he said, and police aren't sure what type of species it is.

Const. Andy Pattenden added that everyone at the scene was just "happy that they're in the bins." (York Regional Police)

"You never know what's going to happen in a day of police work and this is just one of those interesting calls that pops up every now and again," he said.

Pattenden said it didn't seem as if the snakes could've escaped from the particular bins used. 

Pattenden said the Ontario SPCA also wouldn't take the snakes but the police found them a home at the Indian River Reptile Zoo, a non-profit reptile rescue organization.  

Police say both snakes are about 6 - 8 feet long. (York Regional Police)

Toronto Police are continuing to investigate who left the snakes at the shop. They could potentially face charges under the OSPCA Act. They're asking anyone with information on the snakes to come forward.