Ontario's police watchdog has reopened an investigation into an allegation a man was beaten up by Toronto police after the case led to a public spat.

The Special Investigations Unit announced last week that it was closing the investigation because the Toronto Police Service refused to hand over the man's original complaint and the document was needed for a full investigation.

A Toronto police spokesman said the complaint was forwarded to them by the Office of the Independent Police Review Director and the document is not theirs to release.

The OIPRD said it couldn't give the document to the SIU either, but suggested the man making the complaint could request his original form back from them.

Tyrone Phillips, who alleges Toronto police beat him unconscious when he was arrested outside a nightclub on July 28, got his complaint back from the OIPRD and handed it over to the SIU.

SIU director Ian Scott said in a statement Monday that now that the SIU has the original complaint it is reopening the investigation.