SIU probes Etobicoke police shooting

The provincial Special Investigations Unit is probing a police shooting in Etobicoke that sent one man to hospital on Saturday morning.

The provincial Special Investigations Unit is probing a police shooting that sent one man to hospital. 

Around 7:40 a.m., police responded to a call about a man breaking into cars on Epping Street, near the intersection of The Westway and Islington Avenue, the SIU said in a news release. 

When police arrived, a confrontation ensued between officers and the suspect. Shots were fired, and the 28-year-old suspect sustained two gunshot wounds. 

EMS crews arrived on scene and transported him to Sunnybrook Hospital in serious but stable condition.

Neighbours describe hearing two shots, with screams ringing out before and after the gunfire.

"All I heard him saying was, 'I don't want to die' after he got shot," said neighbour Kelly Morgan, who heard the incident from inside her house.

Another neighbour, Robyn Rood, said she looked out her window and saw someone lying on the street.

"I heard somebody screaming that they were sorry — 'I'm sorry, I'm sorry,'" Rood said. "It went on for about five minutes."

The SIU is called in whenever police officers are involved in incidents in which someone has been seriously injured, dies or alleges sexual assault.

Toronto police said they are not commenting on the case, citing the SIU investigation. 

The Etobicoke shooting comes less than two months after Toronto police shot and killed Sammy Yatim while the 18-year-old stood on a streetcar west of downtown Toronto. 

The SIU has charged Const. James Forcillo with second-degree murder in connection with Yatim's death.

The shooting prompted the Ontario ombudsman to launch his own probe into the shooting and led Community Safety Minister Madeleine Meilleur to announce the government would allow expanded use of Tasers for police forces across the province.