The province's police watchdog says it will not lay charges in connection with a shooting incident in North York in 2016.

Police were called to the area of Pleasant Avenue and Chelmsford Avenue around 6 a.m. on Feb. 9, 2016.

Shortly after officers arrived at the scene, a gunshot was fired, the Special Investigations Unit said at the time.

A man was transported to Sunnybrook hospital, where he was pronounced dead. He was initially reported to be 58 years of age, but the SIU said Thursday he was, in fact, 56.

The SIU said Thursday the man had shot himself in the presence of officers and "there are no reasonable grounds" to lay charges.

The SIU is called in whenever a member of the public is seriously injured or killed during an interaction with a police officer, or when there are allegations of sexual assault involving an officer.