A judge has ordered a psychiatric assessment of a 25-year-old Orillia, Ont., man who has pleaded guilty to numerous sex-related charges involving young children to determine whether he is a threat to the public and should be deemed a dangerous offender.

Shayne Lund was in a Newmarket court Wednesday because the Crown is seeking to have Lund receive the designation, given to those who are convicted of the most heinous crimes and are believed to pose a threat to the public.

If Lund is deemed a dangerous offender, a judge can choose to give him to an indeterminate amount of time with no chance of parole for seven years, or a regular sentence but include a long-term supervision order for up to 10 years after his release.

Earlier this week, a 230-page agreed statement of facts was released that contained details of how Lund convinced two lovers to help him lure young children so that he could assault them.

The crimes involved more than seven children, with the youngest just two years old, and occurred in Orillia, Penetanguishine and Waterloo.

Both of the women, Avery Taylor and Kathryn Thompson, have also pleaded guilty to numerous charges.

The statement of facts – agreed to and signed by Lund -- includes details of how Lund plotted to fulfill his sexual fantasies involving young children and animals.

According to the statement of fact, in one series of messages from June 2013, Lund presses Taylor, who was studying early childhood education, to babysit a two-year-old girl so he can live out a sexual fantasy with her. Taylor sent Lund explicit photos of the toddler.

In one message, Taylor writes: "I'm trying to get her Hun." Lund replies: "I know :( I Just want it so bad."

In another series of text messages, Taylor and Lund discuss taking a five-year-old from a drive-in.

Taylor writes: "Kids go missing from the drive-in all the time. Then when ur done u put her back or say you found her wandering around."

Lund replies: Yea sept (sic) its kidnapping and we have nothing to drug them with."

Lund's other girlfriend, Thompson, is seen in an interrogation video that was submitted to court. In it, a detective asks her about messages in which she suggests she will experiment with Gravol to see how much would make a child they are targeting unconscious.

"That never happened," Thompson tells the detective.

"You know he would've done it, you know he did it," the detective tells her. "You didn't report it to police, you didn't call anyone, you let him touch a five-year-old girl, you let it happen, well you did. You're trying to protect Shayne whether you admit it or not."

Lund has been held in protective custody since his arrest in Sept. 2013. He pleaded guilty to numerous charges last May.

A psychiatric assessment was ordered for Taylor. She and Thompson are due back in court next month.

Lund is due back in court in June.