Amid local outcry, officials at a half way house in the city's west end are saying a controversial new resident will be kept under strict supervision.

Dr. Robin Wilson is the chief psychologist at the Keele Centre, which admitted a 61-year-old man with a lengthy history of sex crimes Wednesday.

Police Chief Julian Fantino has said that the man, who is on statutory release from prison, is at risk to re-offend. He classified him as a "ticking time bomb."

Bur Dr. Wilson said the man would be under tight regulations.

"At this point he is going to be only in the centre," he said. "At some point, if it's a safe thing he will have access to the community. We're hoping it will be done safely."

Area residents were alarmed when media reports made the man probationary release public on Wednesday, particularly because the centre is only one kilometre away from where 10-year-old Holly Jones was abducted.

Up to 10 sex offenders live at the Keele Centre at any one time, Dr. Wilson said.

On average about 15 percent of sex offenders repeat their crimes, though he said this man is at a higher risk – likely about 40 per cent – due to his lengthy record.

The man has a history of offenses, including the stalking and assault of children, stretching back to the 1960's.

As part of the conditions for his statutory release he will be required to:

  • Attend mandatory psychological counseling
  • Avoid any areas where children are expected to congregate such as parks, schools, and swimming pools
  • Refrain from using the Internet or possessing a cell phone
  • Abstain from drinking alcohol
  • Avoid unsupervised contact with females under the age of 18